10 Best Places For Those Who Love Snorkeling

7. Ilha Grande

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This beautiful trough of wilderness lies smack in the middle of Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. This island beyond the coastline of Brazil is filled with jungles inhabited by scores of monkeys and surrounded by pure blue water.

These waters are teeming with schools of colorful tropical fish, and if you visit the Lagoa Azul, one of the many lagoons in this area, you may encounter turtles, angelfish and even swim alongside the seahorses. This island is a treasure trove of underwater caves and submerged jungles. There are even remnants from old battles between the natives and pirates, with the debris from shipwrecks scattered all over.

This island is imbibed with wilderness and it’s like a taste of going back to your roots. It gives you that escape from the real world that we all crave once in a while, free of phones and honking cars. This paradise of sand, spas, and seafood is an amazing spot for snorkeling and other fun activities too, like boating and scuba diving.

8. Galapagos Island

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This island off the west coast of South America is made up of 13 major volcanic islands, as well as numerous smaller ones. It is the natural habitat of a number of extraordinary (and beautiful) species, that have evolved and adapted to suit the unique environment of this island.

It is, in fact, this remarkable trait that the wildlife of this island displayed that gave the Galapagos a place in history. It is the inspiration for much of naturalist Charles Darwin’s studies and is known as the “Laboratory of Evolution”.

The jungles of these islands are filled with lava lizards, geckos, tortoises, and many others. The Galapagos is also famous for its snakes that inhabit both the jungles and these oceans. An underwater adventure here would also give you the chance to see the brightly colored Parrotfish, the King Angelfish, a variety of sea turtles, sharks, and rays and even fiery and excitable Sea Lions. You may also come across endangered species like humpback whales and orcas.

The harsh climate of these islands can be attributed to an estimated 21 emergent volcanoes scattered across the islands. Out of these, 13 are currently active. This destination is the go-to spot for nature lovers and thrill-seekers looking for a new adventurous experience.

9. Ambergris Caye

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Ambergris Caye is the largest barrier reef outside of Australia and is over 185 km in size. It is found on the coastline of the Caribbean, just outside of Belize, a Central American country. Belize is also the home of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, a protected area that is a very popular snorkeling spot.

The water of this beautiful barrier reef is an amazing crystalline turquoise sea and is inhabited by a wide variety of colorful fish. In addition to that, you will also get the chance to see a plethora of rays, eels, and sharks.

All these aquatic treasures make base in the endless underwater landscape of cayes (low islands or reefs made of sand or coral) and atolls (a chain of islands or reefs formed in coral).

There are numerous snorkeling spots off the coast of Belize and many tour agencies specifically cater to guided adventures through both the Hol Chan Marine reserve and Ambergris Caye. The city of San Pedro, however, offers the most options and variety for snorkeling in this entire area.

10. The Great Barrier Reef

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Finally moving to the other end of the globe, out to the far east, we have the 2300 km stretch of reef and coral, running along the coast of Australia. This amazing creation of nature covers about 1400 km of Australian coastline and is home to nearly 3000 independent and unique reefs. It is the largest existing ecosystem of coral reefs in the world.

This wide expanse of reef covers nearly 900 other islands, though Whitsunday island is considered to be the most famous of snorkeling spots along it. It is the breeding ground of many marine species, like manta rays, sharks, different kinds of flamboyantly colored fish and other types of corals. It is even known to have clownfish and barracudas (bringing to life a favorite childhood movie) and is scattered with the remains of shipwrecks from the past.

This myriad of bright, colorful, and just plain jaw-dropping sites make this stretch of reef absolutely fantastic for scuba diving and boating adventures. Snorkeling is one of the most fun activities to do here though, as it gives you a taste of all the beauty that lies only a few feet underneath your boat.

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While there are so many fun activities to do at the beach, snorkeling has got to be the most entertaining. Watch as schools of fish pass you by and corals change color as the sun sets. And with a planet that is two-thirds water, you can never run out of places to try it.

Whether you’re traveling North, South, East or West, there are an endless number of places where you can try out this fun activity. We’ve just picked out some favorites to give you a little clarity.

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