11 Breathtaking Islands That You Need To See Once In A Lifetime

10. Ischia, Italy

This special island is located not far from the Bay of Naples and features unique, natural and man-made gardens. The most famous of these gardens are the La Mortella Gardens, where pleasant sounds of music and lush vegetation delight the eyes. These special gardens were once the residence of famous composer Sir William Walton, and his musical heritage continues to resonate. Apart from the gardens, there are museums on Ischia Island, some of which are located in centuries-old buildings, showing archeological realities discovered on the island, as well as works by local artists. Other buildings on the island you can visit include ancient churches and impressive fortresses, which show the unique architecture of the place.

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How do I get there? It is possible to reach Ischia from Naples in two ways: a ferry or a hydrofoil. A ferry will take you to the island in an hour and a half, as opposed to the hydrofoil that arrives within an hour.

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