11 Breathtaking Islands That You Need To See Once In A Lifetime

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is part of the Indonesian archipelago and is considered one of the most popular islands for trips and vacations in the world and not for nothing; Bali’s magnificent green landscapes combine with golden beaches and clear water in unseen shades every day. In Bali, you can choose between visiting ancient temples that have been overlooked by time and taking a trip to the jungles filled with vegetation and unique wildlife. In any case, you can relax with a traditional meal on the magnificent beach, accompanied by the warm and homely hospitality that Bali residents are known for.

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How do I get there? To get to Bali, you will have to first fly to Jakarta in Indonesia. From Jakarta, you can take a direct flight to Bali, and there are also ferries from the city of Java that will take you to the island by sea.

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