The Beauty Of Bulgaria At Its Best

Bulgaria, also called the Bulgarian Republic, is a country in Eastern Europe located near the shores of the black sea. In recent years, Bulgaria has become an attractive tourist spot, and after you see these amazing photos, you’ll probably start planning your own trip to this beautiful Balkan state.

A grand forest in the Rhodope Mountains

Rhodope is a mountain range located in South Bulgaria, and reaches all the way to Greece. The tree appearing in the photo is affectionately called “The king of the forest”. Seeing this incredible photo, it’s not hard to understand why.

A snow covered forest

Although we don’t always think of it as one, Bulgaria is a wonderful tourist attraction for ski and snow enthusiasts. Bulgaria’s ski resorts offer all the attractions and activities found in the world’s leading ski resorts, but at a much lower price.

Devetashka Cave

Devetashka Cave is a particularly popular site for tourists and nature loving photographers, due its unique structure. The cave is known as a site in which stoneage cavemen lived, and is located up north, near the city of Lovech.

The sun gives a halo to the forest near Gloyam Beglik Lake

Gloyam Beglik Lake is an artifical body of water created by the building of a dam. The forests surrounding it are home to many species of wildlife, among them bears, deer, foxes and wolves.

In the spectacular forests of Bulgaria

The forests of Bulgaria cover 37% of the country’s territory, and are considered some of the best kept forests in Europe. This forest, located close to Boroni, is an excellent example of the rare beauty found in these wild areas.

Foggy woods on Strandzha forest

Strandzha Park, located on a mountain with the same name, is the biggest nature reserve in Bulgaria. In addition to the location’s amazing natural scenery, tourists can also find antique buildings, including ancient structures and shrines.

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