The Top 10 Beautiful Landscapes Of Pakistan

6. Mubarak Village Karachi

The Top 10 Beautiful Landscapes Of PakistanShameen Khan

This is the second largest fishermen village in Karachi, bordering with Gadani (Balochistan), the landscape encircles a stark contrast of golden hills and turquoise clear waters, beneath the expansive blue sky.

7. Bahawalpur

The Top 10 Beautiful Landscapes Of Pakistan

Usman Miski

The princely state in Punjab boasts a treasure of historic buildings, monuments, and parks that you may have never heard of. This city is located along the left bank of the Sutlej river. Along with desert areas, this city is known as the land of lush gardens that soothe your eyes while the splendor of the palaces won’t fail to impress you.

8. Gorak Hill

The Top 10 Beautiful Landscapes Of PakistanAmir Riaz Somroo

Snowfall in Sindh sounds like a fantasy. But there is one place in Sindh where it really snows in winter, to the extent that in 2008 the mountains were covered with a layer of snow. Gorakh is a scenic plateau situated at a height of over 5,688 feet and is part of the Kirthar Mountain Range, that covers the entire Sindh’s border with Balochistan in the west.

9. White Palace Swat

The Top 10 Beautiful Landscapes Of PakistanAmjad Ali

This breathtaking location, in Marghazar, is known for its natural beauty and pleasant weather. Most tourists that come to this area, do so to visit the historic White Palace (1941), built during the era of Swat state. The palace is enchanting no just in the summer, but remains so during the winter, especially after snowfall.

10. Paye

The Top 10 Beautiful Landscapes Of PakistanS.M.Bukhari’s Photography

Siri Paye retains its strong attraction for tourists as a green plateau on top of the Hindu Kush. It is engulfed in clouds and fog more often than not. Here, you will also see numerous small ponds filled with fresh water, you will meet horse riders wandering about, smell wild yellow flowers and just soak in the beauty of this magical place.

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