Human Race Will Witness These 20 Changes Over 100 Years

16. We’ll be more at ease in scorching temperatures

Global warming is going to continue, so humans will simply have to adapt, and that means adjusting our behavior to withstand very warmer conditions. After all, a warmer climate is inevitable.

17. We’ll look younger

Human Race Will Witness These 20 Changes Over 100 Years

Age reversal technology and plastic surgery are progressing at a blinding rate, so it will become ever easier to turn around the negative effects of aging and look younger than we really are. In the future, people who are in their 60s will look like they’re in their 40s, and this trend will apply to almost all age groups.

18. There’s a chance we’ll live forever…

There’s a chance that we might live on through some kind of artificial intelligence embodiment of ourselves sometimes in the future. Breakthroughs in the field of genetics, biotechnology, and AI will expand human intelligence will allow us to, one day, defeat death (the Singularity).

19. …and if not forever, for much longer

Human Race Will Witness These 20 Changes Over 100 Years

If the above scenario doesn’t emerge in the next 100 years, then genetic modification will succeed in keeping people alive far longer than is possible today. This will occur through the eradication of disease and the enhancement of other health conditions.

20. We’ll be telepathic

Synthetic telepathy will likely be possible thanks to strides made in technology that allow us to convey our thoughts merely by thinking them. It’s just a question of making “communication” understandable through electrical signals rather than words.

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