People With The World’s Longest Nails

1. Lee Redmond

People With The World's Longest Nails

Lee Redmond, a woman from Utah who has not cut her nails since 1979, had grown and carefully manicured them to reach a total length of 8.65 m (28 ft 4.5 in), and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest fingernails. Sadly, on February, 2009, she lost them in a car crash.

2. Shridhar Chillal

People With The World's Longest Nails

Shridhar Chillal (born 1938, in India) holds the world record for the longest fingernails ever reached on a single hand, measuring 6.15 meters (20 feet 2.25 inches). Chillal’s longest nail is 4.25 feet. He started growing his nails in 1952.

Although Chillal is proud of his record breaking nails, he had increasing difficulties with their weight, which already caused his left fingers to become disfigured (and more or less useless). Due to nerve damage caused from the nails’ immense weight, Chillal is permanently deaf in the left ear (for he grew his fingernails on his left hand).

He finally cut off his nails in late 2000. However, he may make the odd appearance with his finger nails in tow. He appeared with his nails attached in the movie Jackass 2.5.

3. Jazz Ison Sinkfield

People With The World's Longest Nails

Jazz Ison Sinkfield, a grandmother from Atlanta, Georgia, whose fingernails are around 24 inches long. She hopes her mega-manicure will give her the opportunity to meet Oprah and other celebrities, but in the meantime, she dishes out $250 for a five-hour-long session at the salon each month to maintain her fingertips.

4. Louise Hollis

People With The World's Longest Nails

The longest toenails record belongs to Californian Louise Hollis who has managed to grow and maintain toenails that are approximately six inches long. This is facilitated by wearing nothing but open toed shoes, something that would be possible with the mild climate in her hometown of Compton, CA. Maintenance for her toes takes a total of two days each week when all the time for filing and painting them is combined.
5. Wen Jian

People With The World's Longest Nails

A man in China has been growing the nails on his left hand for 14 years – to help him control his temper.

Wen Jian, 42, of Changle, Fujian province, says he was always getting into fights before he grew his nails. His longest nail is 35cm (14ins) long and prevents him from making his hand into a fist.

He is now better known for his nails than for fighting and has even opened a children’s clothes shop, called Long Nail.

But his long nails have also brought Wen some inconveniences – he has to keep his left hand in a shoe box each night to prevent him from breaking off the nails in his sleep.

6. Melvin Feizel Boothe

People With The World's Longest Nails

Melvin Feizel Boothe of Pontiac, Michigan, was The official Guinness World Record ?longest fingernails’ holder in 2010 .
His nails measured 9.85 m (32 ft 3.8 in).

Melvin Feizel Boothe of Pontiac, Michigan, was born on November 28th, 1948. He passed away suddenly on December 21, 2009, at 61 years of age. Melvin served in the U.S. Army and retired from Pontiac General Hospital after 27 years of service. Melvin was also recognized by The? Guinness Book of World Records? for the longest nails on a pair of hands.
7. Lauretta Adams

People With The World's Longest Nails

Lauretta Adams, 43, from Dallas, Texas, had her fingernails cut in October 1997, ending her bid to have the longest in the world. She had been growing them for 24 years. One was 35in (89cm) long and their combined length was 12ft 6in (381cm). She had some way to go to beat the record of 18ft 10ins (574cm) held by a man in India.
8. Li Jian Ping of Shishi

People With The World's Longest Nails

How desperate are you be to become famous? What lengths would you go to stand out in a crowd? Meet Li Jianping, 43, of Shishi City, Fujian province, in China. Li Jianping grew his nails out because he wanted to be part of a fad led by the Jackass movie. The long-nailed man lives up to the name of the movie! Twenty-seven years of not grooming one’s nails results in this.
9. Dee Adams

People With The World's Longest Nails

Dee’s nails help her make a living doing promotions in her home town of Chicago, USA.
10. Barbara Wing

People With The World's Longest Nails

Barbara Wing of Salt Lake City, Utah, didn’t reach the record books but her nails are strangely beautiful. She had been growing her fingernails for over fifteen years when she had this nail art applied.

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