The Sulfur Mining At Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

Many workers just try to get by with makeshift, and often unsatisfactory, face shields.

On one day, a BBC crew noted a toxic cloud that billowed at a whopping 40 times the safe breathing level established by the UK.

But no such limit for the miners exists.

The mine also generates scorching heat, which causes some to work at night when the conditions are cooler.

Within the past 40 years, work-related injuries have caused more than 70 deaths at the mine, many of which were a result of exposure to the noxious fumes.

But fumes aren’t the only source of misery. Miners often suffer mangled and lesioned backs, deformed spines, and bent legs from the heavy weight of their load.

Their fully loaded packs can weigh up to 200 pounds.

And thick callouses and heavily-creased skin often mark sulfur miner’s hands from gripping the wicker baskets.

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