3 Simple Yoga Asanas For Office Goers

3 Simple Yoga Asanas for Office Goers

Shammi Gupta, Certified Yogic Therapist and Naturopath from Yoga Vidya Niketan, demonstrates 3 simple yoga postures for office goers. She has completed her Yoga & M.A. in Yoga and also MBA in Finance & HR from The University of Akron, Ohio,USA.

These 3 asanas which involve stretching are modified for office goers and can be done with the help of a chair. These asanas will bring relief to your stiff back, legs and neck.

Back & Neck Stretch

In this video, Ms. Gupta demonstrates a Back & Neck Stretch. This stretch will help you to release strain from your lower back, as well help stretch your chest regularly thereby improving your lung capacity.

Yoga for office goers: Raised Hand Stretch

This helps improve breathing capacity. strengthens arms and neck and is also helpful in cases of cervical spondilitis and asthma.

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