7 Yoga Poses That Can Naturally Help Keep You Warm And Fight The Cold

Uttanasana (standing forward bend)

If physical and mental exhaustion gets the better of you during the day fall into this posture for instant relaxation. There’s something very relaxing about stretching out your hamstrings, especially because of the feeling you get after the stretch. It calms your brain and helps relieve you from stress and anxiety. Additionally, it also helps improve digestion, sleep and to fix issues related to your hamstrings and calves.

Eagle pose (garudasana)

If maintaining a balance is not the key to your life, this is one stretch that will help you find that balance. At first sight, the posture seems to mostly help you develop a good sense of physical balance. However, this balance also translates to a good balance of thoughts and emotions in your mind. Holding your body steady helps calm your mind while improving your concentration and focus.

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