Top 10 Most Amazing Rock Formations Around The World

When we choose to take a walk in nature, we’ll usually encounter impressive and unique sights, some of which were created by geological processes that have lasted millions of years and shaped our world as it is today. Proof of this can be found in the form of rocks, hills, and mountains scattered around the world, especially those that are impressive and unique. To make sure you don’t have to travel too far to see these marvels, we’ve gathered 10 travel videos to show you some of the most beautiful geological wonders in the world:

1. Fairy chimneys

The region of Kapdukia in Turkey is characterized by a unique and impressive landscape that is the product of millions of years of natural processes. One of these processes were volcanic eruptions that filled the valleys’ heart, cooling rapidly and then eroding over the years, leading to unique landscape configurations that looked like tall, narrow towers, or, fairy chimneys.

2. The stone tree – Árbol de Piedra

The stone tree is an isolated rock located in the Eduardo Avaroa nature reserve in Bolivia. There is one particularly prominent stone on the reserve, named the stone tree, which looks like a towering 7-meter high tree. This unique stone has received its current shape as a result of strong sand-bearing winds that have carved it over the years.

3. Kjeragbolten

The Kjeragbolten is a huge round rock located on Mount Kjerag in western Norway. This special rock is stuck in a narrow crevice at a height of 1,000 meters directly above the Lysefjorden, making it a place frequented by many travelers who choose to take unforgettable pictures standing atop it, despite completely rational fears of very long drops.

4. Landscape Arch

The Landscape Arch is one of the longest arches in the world and is located in Arches National Park, Utah, United States. As befits its name, this park has a variety of arches, but the most impressive of them is Landscape which can be reached via a very light walk.

5. Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is a geological site north of Bushmills, Northern Ireland. The site, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, is a very popular destination for tourists in this area, as everyone is impressed by the 40,000 basalt columns that make it up. The Causeway’s development is being dated by researchers as about 60 million years back when volcanic eruptions formed tholeiitic basalt from which the pillars are made.

6. Balanced Rock

Balanced rock is a unique natural phenomenon that many people find difficult to explain to this day. This special rock is in the Garden of the Gods near Colorado, United States – a region of enormous red rocks that rise to impressive heights. This particular rock will fall at some point due to erosion or other weather damage, so it is best to see it now.

7. The Balancing Column

Another unique rock can be found near the town of Digby in Nova Scotia, Canada, and it is simply called the Balancing Column. This unique natural phenomenon dates back thousands of years ago and is a beautiful example of the amazing basalt formations in the region. This impressive rock is about 10 meters high and has been in place for a long time despite the effects of the environment and the weather.

8. Fly Geyser

In 1916, a farmer at the Fly Farm in the state of Nevada, United States, dug a deep well and forgot to seal its bottom. The well water warmed up and that’s how this famous geyser was created. Over the years, limestone and stalactites formed around the remains of the well, creating the impressive red mountain. Click here to see more impressive pictures of Fly Geyser.

9. Torghatten

Torghaten is a 258-meter mountain in northwestern Norway and is known for the hole at its center, and is said to be the hat of a king. The hole in the mountain was created during the Scandinavian ice age as a result of ice and water games, but according to the Nordic legend it was created by a troll chasing a beautiful maiden and when he could not reach her, he shot an arrow whose path was thwarted by the king of trolls.

10. The Abandoned Salt Mine of Yekaterinburg

Deep underground, about 200 meters below the industrial city of Yekaterinburg in Russia, is a particularly impressive abandoned salt mine. The mine was found by a young photographer named Mikhail Mishainik, who discovered very impressive underground mirrors created by the accumulation of layers of salts and natural minerals, which gave the mine a psychedelic and impressive appearance

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