24 Inspiring Seniors Defying The Stereotype

Age is nothing but a number and a stereotype. These inspiring seniors prove that you’re never too old to try something daring and fun. The images are part of Vladimir Yakovlev’s Age of Happiness photo project. You can visit his website here to see more of his work.

1) 72 Year Old Club DJ, Ruth Flowers

2) 92 Year Old Skydiver-in-Training, Antoni Huczy?ski

3) 78 Year Old Skateboarder, Llyod Khan

4) 102 Year Old Cyclist, Robert Marchand

5) 61 Year Old Pole Dancer, Greta Pontarelly

6) A Youthful 70 Year Old on a Vegan Diet, Annette Larkins

7) 100 Year Old Industrial Climber, Doris Long

8) 73 Year Old Duan Tzinfu Performs a Very Difficult Stretch

9) A Pair of Senior Skydivers, Pat & Alicia Moorhead

10) 87 Year Old Ice Skater, Yvonne Dowlen

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