Can You Read What’s Really Being Said?

Passing by British street artist Pref’s work, you might just see a carefully rendered array of colors and shapes. Maybe you’ll even be able to pick out the shapes of letters. But upon closer inspection, the genius of these pieces reveals itself when you realize that each painting contains an entire phrase all stacked up and layered into one clever composition.

Take a look at Pref’s art below and see if you can decipher the messages.

We’ll start off simple. There are only two words here.

Seems Legit

Okay, let’s try another easy one. You can probably see the two main words immediately, but look for a third word lurking in there.

Against The Grain (“THE” is painted in like a shadow. Look for the horizontal bar of the T against the tops of the A and G in “against.”)

This one is also only three words, but each word is a bit longer, so they’re woven together more intricately.

Lost For Words

How about this one?

Smoke Without Fire

Old Habits Die Hard

Rip It Up, Start Again

Tried Some Sh*t Out

Cool Story Bro

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