Life Will Get More Easier

Life Will Get A Lot More Easier If You Get Rid Of These 6 Beliefs Today

As children, we don?t have any limiting beliefs. At this point in our lives, everything is possible.

We believe in superheroes, Santa Claus and we have big dreams about our future.

Then something happens and the world tells us otherwise. By the age of 11 and 12,society has a box shaped that we should fit in. Santa Claus and superheroes arenow for kids. Wearing a suit and tie becomes an option and we ditch any superhero outfit we had.

Life Will Get More Easier

Culture has drilled these boxes so hard on us such that we often forget to question whether they are real or not. These boxes are the limiting beliefs and just becausesomeone else believes they are a reality, they don?t have to be ours. Here are the 6 limiting beliefs you should change from today:

1. Am not smart enough
You are. You are smart enough. Someone or something has led you to believeotherwise. It?s true, we all have a certain genetic level of intelligence gifted to us,but that is only a small margin of what our overall intelligence is. Smartness is a product of studying, learning and lot?s of practice on a handful of things,then making sure you become the best you can at them. Being really good at justa few things makes you very valuable to a company or person needing those talents.
Don?t kill yourself trying to be a genius, just be the smartest in the room at something.

2. I am inexperienced

Everyone else is. If you look closely in the world, you will find that the wealthiestentrepreneurs are in their 20?s. They were ambitious and yes, young but theydidn?t care if they had experience or not. Jump in with both feet and gain experiencebecause being inexperienced is a blessing. You have the opportunity toapproach problems presented with a naïve eye and can get solutions that eventhe experienced wouldn?t have thought of. Instead of complaining, own your inexperience while knowing that hard work and creativity will make up for what you are lacking in years.

3. It?s too late for me.
Look around you and history will prove you wrong. We have authors whonever wrote anything until they were in their 60?s or even later. We also have someof the most successful entrepreneurs who only tasted success until they were well into their 40?s or later. The only time you should consider it too late, is when six feet under. If that time has not yet come, then it?s not yet late. You need to start now!

4. I can?t be happy until?
If you continue thinking like this, then you will never be happy. Just choosehappiness; choose to be happy. Allowing happiness to either depend on a person orobject is letting something out of your control dictate your happiness. Take your control back.

It?s a choice you have and you should take it. If you do this, you will be happy every daywhen you wake up, grateful for what you have instead of what you wish you had.
Choose happiness today.

5. This is who I am
Yes, it?s who you are this second but what you will be a minute from now,a day, a year, has not been decided yet. We evolve and constantly change depending on:
the experiences we go through, our knowledge, our approach to growth and those who surround us. The person you are today is very different from the one you were a year ago or 10 years ago. It?s just like happiness, you can choose to let experiences washover your life or you can choose to let them shape you anddrive you into the next better version of yourself.

6. I?m busy
I?m too busy?. to start my own business?to start working out?to be a parent?to be with a friend. ?I?m too busy is the most used excuse and people use it as a scapegoat in so many ways. If you still think you are too busy ask yourself this: what time do you wake up? How much time do you spend on social media? How much timedo you spend on your TV? How much time do you spend watching your favorite show or going through your favorite website? If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that you are not too busy. It?s just that you haven?t made your dreams a priority in your schedule.

Boxes society nudges us into are invented by someone else. People who have recognized that these boxes are not real, find enormous success, love, incredible happiness, and they appreciate the lives they live.

Shatter your boxes and all of a sudden the world will be an open playground, waiting to be explored. These boxes limit our beliefs but they only do so if we believe they are present. You can change that today and you should choose to!

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