10 Different Ways To Use Liquid Detergent

Would you ever believe that you could use a little dishwashing soap to clean your jewelry, remove grease stains off shirts, or even oil stains from your garage floors?! You’d be amazed to learn the many interesting uses for the soapy liquid. You may want to pick up an extra bottle of detergent at the grocery store, just in case!

10 Different Ways To Use Liquid Detergent

1) Keep Your Jewelry Nice and Shiny – Did you know that a little dishwashing soap is all you need to keep your jewelry sparkling? It’s true, dishwashing soap, when mixed together with seltzer, can help remove the dirt from jewels. You’re going to want to get a large bowl, and soak your jewelry inside the soapy seltzer mixture. Keep the jewelry submerged for approximately 5 minutes, and use a regular toothbrush to remove the remainding grime.

2) Remove Stains off Carpeting – Are you having trouble getting that spaghetti sauce stain out of your beloved carpeting? A little dishwasher soap can help! You’ll want to dissolve a single tablespoon of the liquid into two warm cups of water. Take a clean white cloth and dip irt into the mixture. Let the soap to work its magic on your carpet, while blotting the stained areas. Sponge down with cold water, and voila!

3) Remove Unwanted Stains on Clothing – You won’t need to toss that shirt or blouse into the laundry machine just yet. Rub a little dishwashing liquid on the stained areas, then rinse with a bit of warm water. The soap blends well with the vast majority of fabrics, so you should have no problems at all. You may even apply a bit of the soap to washable Wool and silk, which can spare you the hassle of sending it to the dry cleaners!

10 Different Ways To Use Liquid Detergent

4) Thoroughly Clean Floors – Fill a bucket with warm water and a few tablespoons of dishwashing soap, to clean the stains off the messy floors. Pour two tablespoons of detergent into the warm bucket of water, and gently scrub the dirty sections. Avoid mixing the solution with hardwood floors, since it can harm the tiles.

5) Remove Grime off Patio Furniture – One of the many uses for dishwashing soap is that it can be used to clean down patio furniture. Fill a bowl up with warm water, and squirt a little dishwashing soap into it. Wipe down your outdoor patio tables and chairs with the new m. Make sure you thoroughly rinse out the furniture with a garden hose when you are done.

6) Clean Brushes and Combs – Hairbrushes and combs are known to accumulate plenty of grease and rust throughout time. You don’t have to toss those brushes into the trash bin just yet. Add a little dishwashing soap to warm water, and soak them under a sink. The process might take a few minutes, but your combs and brushes will be super clean after!

10 Different Ways To Use Liquid Detergent

7) Clean Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen cupboards absorb the spices and foods you use to prepare meals. The stains can even attract rodents if not cleaned properly. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and a squirt of detergent, to eliminate the greasy cabinet stains. Don’t forget to rinse the cabinets with a well-wrung cloth when finished, and allow them to dry.

8) Kill Fruit Flies – Fruit flies are a major problem. They can use your kitchen as their personal breeding grounds. Here’s what to do to get rid of those little pests. Mix a few drops of the dishwashing liquid into a bowl of vinegar. The fruit flies will then follow the trail, and drown in the bottom of the bowl. and the flies will sink and drown. Problem solved!

9) Launder Hand – Washable Clothing – A tablespoon of dishwashing soap is all it takes to hand wash delicate clothing. The soap is a substitute for traditional detergent, in case you’ve run out, or cannot pick up a bottle from the store.

10) Remove Oil Stains from Concrete Floors – Oil stains can stay on your garage floors forever. Getting rid of the oily stain shouldn’t be much of an issue. The first thing you’re going to want to do is to cover the stain with baking soda, which also has many amazing uses you would not believe!

Once you’ve sprinkled the concrete floor with a few dashes of baking soda, you’ll want to pour some dishwashing soap over it. Scrub the concrete floor with a plastic brush. Allow a few hours for the floor to absorb the mixture. Don’t forget to rinse with water after.

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