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The Most Important Lessons You'll Learn E-mail
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One of the most important thing everyone needs to learn in this life is to love themselves. Not just loving, but loving without conditions. It doesn't mean being egotistical, it means forgiving yourself when you make mistakes (after all, you’re human). It means appreciating what's good about yourself. It also means being able to love others with all your heart, because your heart knows what true love is. These 13 mental exercises will set you on the right path to truly loving yourself.

1. Remind yourself what you love about you

Many allow their mistakes to rule their lives rather than their triumphs. The first thing you must remind yourself of is how great you are. When you know your own value, the world recognizes it too. Remember that you are often a mirror for the world around you – when you’re angry at someone’s mistake, you recognize that mistake in yourself. The same goes the other way as well – your love of others is a reflection of your love for yourself. Remind yourself of all that is wonderful about you, and trust me, the world will see it too.

The Most Important Lessons You'll Learn

A Few Lovely Thoughts For You E-mail
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A Few Lovely Thoughts For You

There are many beautiful thoughts that have echoed in the world. That's the nice thing about the written word, those words will always be alive in human memory, and it does us good to hear them from time to time. To me, like art, a good thought is something to contemplate and enjoy. I hope you enjoy these as well, and have a terrific day.

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