The Crystal Beauty Of Antarctica

Antarctica is rarely thought of as a continent. Most think of it as that block of ice that makes our south pole. But Antarctica is much more than a block of ice and snow. It plays a crucial role in the fragile ecology of our planet, and many animals call this freezing tundra their home. The Russian team of Airpano, an amazing team of explorers and photographers, has taken this wonderul set of photographs in the coldest of continents. Scroll to the bottom to see a video of their exploits!

Two adorable penguins come to say hello.

A bird’s eye view from the deck of an exploring ship.

The ship from afar.

Making friends with the locals.

A couple of cuddly seals.

Even in the Arctic, one can have warm feelings for another.

Although even penguins can have a third wheel.

A melting iceberg.

Birds filling the purple sky. How beautiful.

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