Top 14 Tallest Mountains In The World

11. Gasherbrum I or Hidden Peak (Karakoram Range, Pakistan & China)

Height: 8080 meters (26,059 feet)

First Ascent: 1958

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Height does not necessarily correlate with difficulty, although Everest does provide a huge challenge due to the amount of time a climber is required to spend in the Death Zone. That said, Annapurna I, the 10th highest mountain in the world, is often said to be the most difficult to climb and has a very low success rate, alongside an extremely high fatality rate, which was once upward of 40% but has now fallen to around 32%. Annapurna’s difficulty comes from its glacial ‘architecture’, which includes huge ice cliffs, sheer sides and massive seracs that are often disorientating. K2, Kangchenjunga and Nanga Parbat (often referred to as ‘Killer Mountain’) are also notoriously difficult to climb, with heavy risk of avalanche and rock fall.

12. Broad Peak or K3 (Karakoram Range, Pakistan & China)

Height: 8051 meters (26,414 feet)

First Ascent: 1957

Top 14 Tallest Mountains In The World


13. Gasherbrum II (Karakoram Range, Pakistan & China)

Height: 8035 meters (26,352 feet)

First Ascent: 1956

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You don’t have to climb these mountains to get a good view of them. There are plenty of opportunities for trekkers of all ages and fitness levels to spend some time in and around the ranges to get some spectacular views of the highest peaks in the world. One of the most special views is afforded by Gokyo Ri in Nepal, a 5,357m (17,575 ft) peak that can be ascended from the small, beautiful town of Gokyo in around four hours, From the top, climbers are afforded a magnificent view of a whole range of skyscraping mountains, including four of the eight-thousanders – Cho Oyu, Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. Thousands and thousands of tourists flock to Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and China every year to marvel at these lofty, natural wonders.

14. Shishapangma or Gosainthan (Himalayas, Tibet)

Height: 8027 meters (26,335 feet)

First Ascent: 1964

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