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Floating Air Bonsai Trees Are Now A Reality E-mail
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Floating Air Bonsai Trees Are Now A Reality

The Japanese decided that their tiny bonsais should be not only cute but cool, too, so they made them float in the air like magic.

The designers at The Hoshinchu Team named their creation “Air Bonsai.” It consists of the bottom half called the “energy base” and the floating ball – the “little star.” Both halves have magnets installed so that the “little star” could float with the bonsai on top.

The base is made of traditional Japanese porcelain and the bonsai can be replaced with any other plant, if you will. The project has received $5,652 of the needed $80,000, so far. You can help them out by donating here.

More info: | kickstarter | Instagram

Last Updated ( Friday, 05 February 2016 )
The World's First Kinetic Steampunk Bar E-mail
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In a world that's full of weird and wonderful places, the world's first ever kinetic steampunk bar is certainly one of them. Titled Enigma it claims to be the world's first and although there's no way of proving that statement it's hard to imagine that a place as unusual exists anywhere else. It's pretty impressive though, with strange kinetic installations from a clock with multiple exposed cogs, a humanoid robot that has a plasma lamp for a brain and other kinetic sculptures rotating away on just about every surface imaginable. If you're ever in the area then it's certainly worth a visit. You'll find it here.

The World's First Kinetic Steampunk Bar

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