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What Kind Of Animal Are You? E-mail
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MBTI is a 4 dimensional personality assessment. Each dimension has 2 possibilities, so that this method categorizes according to 16 types of personality, when each type of personality is described by 4 letters.

First Dimension: Position
Ask yourselves: Would you rather go outside for fun (E) or would you rather stay home with a good book or watch tv? (I)

Second Dimension: Perception
Ask yourselves: When you learn something new, do you learn it as you see it (S) or add/remove impressions according to what your gut feeling tells you? (N)

Third Dimension: Decision
Ask yourselves: When you make a decision about something, do you rely on logic (T), or tend towards emotion and empathy? (F)

Fourth Dimension: Addressing
Ask yourselves: Would you rather things in your life were organized and fixed in advance (J), or would you rather be surprised? (P)

Now, using these four answers, and the letters they correspond to, organize the letters, first question to last (for example, if you chose to stay at home, add impressions by your gut feeling, make emotional decisions, and would like to have hings organized, your letters would be INFJ).

What Kind Of Animal Are You?

Golden Words For A Golden Dawn E-mail
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Golden Words For A Golden Dawn

Saying words in our head is thinking. But saying the right words, with the right feeling, may transform those thoughts into an act of prayer. With golden words to welcome a golden dawn, we use these words to express ourselves towards God, and this morning, with Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc across the east coast of the US, it is a morning for prayer, for the lives at risk and thanks, for the lives saved. Start this golden day with a golden prayer.

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