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America - 115 Years Ago E-mail
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Here are some exceptionally clear photos from approximately 115 years ago. Take your time to study them. Notice that everyone wore hats all the time and there were very few cars. Exceptional photography. The clarity is exceptional. Seems overweight was not a factor in the early 1900's. But check out the bathing suits.

These photos of life in the US at the beginning of the 20th century are truly a walk back in time. The first photo below looks the same today and many of you have entered it on the way to NY. The third photo shows how trolley cars were air conditioned in the summer.
Consider how far technology has taken us from the time of these photos and try to imagine what photos of 2125 might look like. Enjoy!

America - 115 Years Ago

Every Dream Has Something To Tell E-mail
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Every Dream Has Something To Tell

Therefore, every dream communicates something valuable. Some dream experts will tell you a dream can have multiple meanings!

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