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This Special Plane Can Detach Its Cabin In Case Of Emergency E-mail
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What if we could survive a plane crash? Ukrainian aviation engineer Vladimir Tatarenko has been working 3 years to find a way. And he did. He invented a detachable plane cabin which can be ejected within the seconds in case of emergency.

The cabin can land both on ground and water. It has parachutes attached to its roof and inflatable rubber tubes to keep it afloat if needed. “Surviving in a plane crash is possible,” Vladimir Tatarenko told LiveLeak. “While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor.”

Of course, if the plane explodes or is under a rocket attack, it wouldn’t help. Also, some argue that the detachable cabin could undermine the structural integrity of the plane. Finally, what about the pilots..?

More info: Youtube

“Surviving in a plane crash is possible,” says inventor Tatarenko

This Special Plane Can Detach Its Cabin In Case Of Emergency

Superb Airline Food Comparison - Economy Vs First Class E-mail
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What used to be a woman's size 12 in 1968 is a woman's size 4 today; what used to be third-class is economy-class today. What changed? We've grown more sensitive: I'm not overweight, I still fit into a size 12. I'm not a third-class passenger, I'm a price conscious individual that rides in economy-class.

Despite the name games, airline food hasn't changed much. Economy class meals still come in a wrapper, and business or first-class meals come with real cutlery. This list shows the sometimes striking difference between what the different classes eat.

What do you think? Submit your comments and photos below, and remember: economy-class food isn't bad because it's cheap; it's purposefully bad to encourage those with money to buy more expensive tickets!

1 Japan Airlines

Superb Airline Food Comparison - Economy Vs First Class

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