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Tiny Looking House Is Huge Inside E-mail
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You don't have to live in a big house to live big. In fact, you can have a great time in even a 594 sq. ft. abode--at least if Mizuishi Architects Atelier is behind it. The Japanese firm simply knows how to make the most out of even the most limited space. If they can't do it to, no one can.

Tiny Looking House Is Huge Inside

The Worlds Tallest Statues E-mail
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Statues are built as celebrations of gods, historical events and important personalities. The tallest try reach the sky and make you take notice of what they are commemorating. They are also works of art, and can take years to build. Here are some of the grandest ones ever built.

Statue of Liberty, USA

The Worlds Tallest Statues

The Statue of Liberty is the shortest statue on this list at just 151 feet tall; however she gains height because the statue rests on a 154 foot pedestal. The statue depicts the Roman goddess of freedom Libertas and was a gift to the United States from France in 1886.

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